Meet Kevin.

Hello, hello! As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved music, movies, and storytelling. That love eventually led me to The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan where I met my friend and co-storyteller, Shaun of Rosy and Shaun Photography. Over the years Shaun and I worked together on many short films, music videos & concerts films, among other things. I have always been a fan of Rosy and Shaun’s photography work, so I was super excited to become their go to video guy!  Now I get to help tell YOUR story!And it really will be me.Lots of places farm out their work to tons of different freelance filmmakers, but with Silver Lights Films you always get me. Who’s got two thumbs and created all of those beautiful wedding trailers you see on our site? This guy. You can’t get a better guarantee than that! My aim is always to let your natural dynamic as a couple guide me through your wedding film. You feel comfortable on camera? Great! Let’s get in there and collaborate! Not so fond of the spotlight? No worries. Ninja filmmaker, at your service! Either way, the bond our couples love has created is always the star of our stylish, cinematic, wedding films.


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